Safety & Security

TopJets is committed to private jet safety. The security, peace of mind and privacy of our clients is absolutely paramount and we have full commitment to safety and every aspect of flight operations revolves around it. Consistently exceeding established industry standards, TopJets ensures your aviation experience is safe and secure. With decades of experience between our employees and partners, meeting rigorous private jet safety standards, TopJets continuously evaluates the industry-leading safety programs it has in place.

TopJets uses Safety Management System (SMS) which is quality management approach to controlling flight-related risks by providing accessible tools for monitoring safety-related processes. TopJets own Safety Management System incorporates operational risk profiling with internal evaluation and quality assurance concepts, resulting in more structured management and continuous improvement in contingency operations.

Top Jets has developed additional stringent crew requirements , these include minimum logged pilot hours and minimum requirements for logged hours aircraft type, as well as EASA approved annual recurrent simulator training and testing. In addition to requiring annual on-site audits and stringent crew requirements, Top Jets requires a daily crew check prior to each flight.